In an effort to ensure top-quality service, we hand-select the properties in our management program.  The relationship we build with our homeowners and guests alike is important to us.  In keeping with our boutique service model, all of the properties in our program must meet stringent requirements to be considered a part of the Sowal Luxury Properties Portfolio.

All of our properties are required to meet energy efficiency guidelines, have modern appliances, new furniture, be equipped with LED lighting, and adhere to higher industry standards.  Maintaining luxury properties is a challenging task so partnering with industry leaders in service is paramount to maintaining quality.  We are proud to offer in-house housekeeping staff, general maintenance, and access to some of the best local service providers.  

As a company focused on sustainability and environmental conservation, we make an effort to have sustainable materials in our properties such as; organic soaps, BPA-free reusable cups, plates, kitchenware, and high-quality linen and towels.